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This series is organized by Civil Engineering faculty to encourage communication among faculty and students, to educate ourselves about current research and issues within and beyond our department, and to give students practice in presenting their work.

Everyone is welcome. The series is specifically designed for Environmental and Water Resources graduate students, who are strongly encouraged to attend.

If you would like to suggest a seminar speaker or topic, or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Kaye Brubaker, Glenn Moglen , or Eric Seagren.

For your inspiration (or to see what you've missed), a list of our April-May 1998 seminars is available.

Monday, Feb. 26, 2001

 12:00 noon
EGR 1179 (C&EE Conference Room)

Beneath the surface: Physical processes in stratified lakes

Dr. Ben R. Hodges
Dept of Civil Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

Below the relatively quiescent surface of a temperate lake, the dynamics of transport and mixing are driven by large-scale internal waves. If we exclude the Laurentian Great Lakes, the largest surface waves on lakes are generally on the order of tens of centimeters or perhaps up to a meter during severe storms. In contrast, even lakes of modest size can see internal waves that may be several meters in amplitude during normal daily wind cycles. Indeed, in Lake Kinneret, Israel, internal waves of 8 meters height are regularly recorded in water depths of only 30 m. The time and space scales of these internal waves are outside our normal intuition, as we do not "see" them in a normal view of a lake. In this seminar, we will explore the signature of these waves in field data and visualize the physics through numerical models.

Seminar Schedule for Fall 1998

The seminar will be held on Mondays at 12:00 noon, in EGR 2164 (Mechanical Engineering Conference Room). Soft drinks and juice are provided. Feel free to bring your lunch.

This semester, we'll devote a number of sessions to academic and professional skill-building, to enable our students' success in their studies, research, and future jobs.

Date Title(s) Speaker(s)
Sept. 14 Orientation to Research at Maryland: Library & Information Tools Bob Kackley, Reference Librarian, Engineering & Physical Sciences Library, UMCP
We'll meet in the Lobby of the Engineering & Physical Sciences Library
Sept. 21 An Old Sage's Guidelines for Effective Presentations Richard McCuen, UMCP
Sept. 28 Smart Reading: How to Understand and Critique a Technical Paper Eric Seagren (with other WR & EE faculty), UMCP
Oct. 5 Orientation to Research at Maryland: Computer Tools & Resources Glenn Moglen, UMCP
Oct. 12 No Seminar ...
Oct. 19 Molecular Characterization of Anaerobic PCB-Dechlorinating Enrichment Cultures from the Baltimore Harbor Tracey R. Pulliam Holoman, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, UMCP
Oct. 26 No Seminar ...
Nov. 2 Bioremediation of Contaminated Soils: Applications and Lessons Kudjo Dzantor, Dept. of Natural Resource Sciences & Landscape Architecture, UMCP
Nov. 9 Student Talks Room Change for Nov. 9 only: EGR 3164 (Aerospace Eng. Conf. Room)
. Process Control of AAA (Alternating Aerobic/Anoxic) System Hyunook Kim
. The Evolution of Automated Hydrologic Design at Maryland State Highway Administration Michael Casey
Nov. 16 Student Talks EGR 2164 (Mech. Eng. Conf. Rm.)
. A Systematic Approach to Stream Restoration Seth Brown
. Are Maryland Streams Gaged? R. Edward Beighley
Nov. 23 Seminar Cancelled .
Nov. 30 . EGR 3164 (Aerospace Eng. Conf. Room)
. A Low-Dimensional Dynamical Model of Hillslope Soil Moisture David Brandes, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Dec. 7 Student Talks EGR 2164 (Mech. Eng. Conf. Rm.)
. Issues in Modeling Wetlands Don Demetrius
. Nonparametric Statistics and Time Series Analysis Benjamin Levy

by Kaye Brubaker

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