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Johan Larsson

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Colorful Fluid Dynamics

During my time at the Center for Turbulence Research I had the fortune of working with Ivan Bermejo-Moreno, who is an absolute wizard with animations and visualizations. He created the movies below from my datasets. If you like these movies, you can find more of his creations at Ivan's youtube account.

LES of the HyShot II scramjet combustor

This movie shows a recent LES of the Hyshot scramjet. The use of a wall-model enables this calculation, since traditional LES would require about 100 billion grid points. The H2/air chemical reactions are modeled by a flamelet/progress-variable model. The simulation is described in Larsson et al (2015).

DNS of canonical shock/turbulence interaction

This movie shows a direct numerical simulation of canonical shock/turbulence interaction. Isotropic turbulence passes through a nominally normal shock wave. For details on the simulation, check out the papers in Physics of Fluids (2009) and the Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2013). This movie was shown at the SciDAC meeting in Denver in July 2011. Ivan also created a beautiful poster to advertise the movie, which now adorns my office door.