University of Maryland

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Johan Larsson

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Postdoctoral Fellows

Pedro Volpiani (PhD 2017 with Prof. Candel at Ecole Central Paris)
The effect of the wall thermal condition on shock/boundary-layer interactions.

Graduate Students

Siavash Toosi
Grid-adaptation for large eddy simulation.

Abishek Gopal
Premixed combustion at transcritical conditions.

Walter Arias Ramirez
Uncertainty quantification for large eddy simulation.

John Nasrin
Fluid/struction interaction


Andrew Trettel (MSc 2015; currently a PhD student with John Kim at UCLA)
Developed a transformation that relates the mean velocity profile in the inner layer of a wall-bounded turbulent flow with arbitrary density and viscosity profiles to the corresponding incompressible/constant-property velocity profile.

Muhammed Atak (visiting student from the group of Prof. Munz at the University of Stuttgart)
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for high-speed turbulent wall-bounded flows.

Palash Sashittal (visiting student; co-advised with Prof. Sinha at the IIT Bombay; currently a PhD student at UIUC)
Shock/turbulence interactions and linear theory.

Amanda Spyropoulos (high-school intern; currently undergraduate student at Stanford)
Introduced to numerical methods for hyperbolic PDEs.