My Service Activities

In addition to my teaching and research, I have a number of positions in service to my department, my university, and my profession.

to my department

Library Liaison.  I make recommendations and share in collection decisions in the Communication holdings of the UM library.

Minor in Rhetoric.  I serve as an advisor for the interdisciplinary minor in rhetoric sponsored by the Departments of Communication and English.

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee.  As a member of the tenured faculty I serve on this committee that reviews teaching personnel in the department and makes recommendations to the university on promoting our faculty and awarding tenure to them.

Senior Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee.  As a full professor in the department I serve on this committee which has a function similar to the one above for associate professors in the department.

Interim Director of Graduate Studies.  In the Fall 2011 semester I am serving this post.  I have been Director of Graduate Studies for my department in other years throughout my time at Maryland.

to my college

Collegiate Council.  I am a former chair of the faculty advisory committee to the dean of our college.

Deans Lecture Series Advisory Committee.  I serve on this committee that selects nationally and internationally known scholars and performers for a lecture series sponsored by our dean.

to my university

University Library Council.  I am a fomer chair of the University Library Council.  The ULC advises the dean of libraries on services provided through the University Library System; advises the provost of the university on library matters including resources; and serves as the library committee of the Campus Senate.

to the discipline of Communication

American Forensic Association. I am former President of the AFA, former editor of its national journal, and currently serve as its webmaster. This is the major national professional organization for those involved in forensic activities -- debate and individual speaking events -- and in research in argument. In addition, we publish the leading journal in argumentation studies.

National Communication Association/American Forensic Association Summer Conference on Argumentation. This jointly sponsored conference is a biennial gathering of people doing research in argumentation. I currently serve on the Steering Committee of the Conference, holding the office of Treasurer. I have served on the planning committee for four conferences and was Director of the 1997 conference.  I was also the keynote speaker at the 2005 conference.

National Communication Association.  The National Communication Association is the major professional organization for those studying and teaching communication.  I have served NCA as a member of its Task Forces on Constitutiton and Bylaws, on Diversity in the discipline, and on involvement of the association in politically sensitive issues.

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