Assigned Reading for the Seminar

Below is a table indicating reading assignments.  We hope that everyone has to time to read all six pieces of criticism and welcome full discussion by everyone on each piece of criticism.  But we ask that you concentrate on those indicated below.

Burke, "Antony on Behalf of the Play" Burke,  "Toward Helhaven," Miller, "Southern Progressivism and William Louis Poteat's Eugenic Rhetoric." .doc .pdf
Weiss, ""Kenneth Burke on Motion and Action: The Problem of Dualism" .doc .pdf
Foley, "Form and Desire: O.J. Simpson and the Trajectory of Colorblind Racism." .doc .pdf
Foster, "Protest as Civic Engagement: Initial Steps towards a Theory of Dramatistic Democracy" .doc  .pdf
Jean Miller

Megan Foley

Derek Foster

Katherine Tanski

Jessica Sheffield

Matthew Weiss 

John Thompson

John Schedel

John Dowd 

Amy Clemons

Nathan Claes

Leila Brammer

Meryl Carlson

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