Workshop in Burkean Criticism

Welcome to the Workshop in Burkean Criticism. We are delighted that so many people are interested in working together on the essence of Kenneth Burke, A Working Critic. This website is designed to facilitate our work.



  • Leila Brammer
  • Barry Brummett
  • Meryl Carlson 
  • Nathan Claes
  • Amy Clemons
  • John Dowd 
  • Megan Foley 
  • Derek Foster 
  • Jim Klumpp
  • Jean Miller    
  • John Schedel
  • Robert Scott
  • Jessica Sheffield
  • Katherine Tanski
  • John Thompson
  • Matthew Weiss

Objectives for the Seminar

Basic Schedule for the 3 days

Detailed Schedule for sessions

Preparation before the Seminar Begins

Six pieces of criticism will be at the heart of our discussion in the seminar.  We invite you to read all six but ask that you read at least three. 
Detailed assignments for each of you are linked.

See you in Philadelphia.