Timothy Dalton's birth

The Myth

Timothy Dalton of Bedford County VA was born in Lunenburg County VA.  Sometimes listed as Bedford County VA or Brunswick County VA.

Source of the Myth

Obscure.  No evidence is known to support the myth.

Straightening the Record

Fact 1:  Timothy Dalton of Bedford County was born in 1714 or 1715.  Bedford County COB 3:480 records testimony by Timothy in 1768.  Timothy indicates in that testimony that he is 53 years old.

Fact 2:  Timothy moved to the Staunton River area about 1745 from what is now Albemarle (then Louisa County) VA.  In a deed (Louisa County VA Deeds A:204-205), dated 10 Oct 1745, Timothy Dalton, Jr., of Brunswick County VA sells 200 acres that is part of the patent received by Timothy Dalton, Jr., on 1 February 1738 (VA Land Patents 18:162).  Timothy of Bedford had a distinctive mark he used on documents, a stylized "T."  It was used on this deed. 

Fact 3:  There was no Brunswick, Lunenburg or Bedford County in 1715.  Brunswick was formed in 1720.  Lunenburg was formed from Brunswick in 1746.  Bedford was formed from Lunenburg in 1753.

What does the record tell us about the myth?

Timothy Dalton of Bedford could not have been born in Brunswick, Lunenburg or Bedford County because none of these Counties existed when he was born.  Furthermore, it is nearly impossible that he was born on the Staunton River in what later became those counties where he came to live.  This was unsettled territory when he was born.  We can trace his arrival on the Staunton.  Although we do not know where he was born, it was not Brunswick, Lunenburg or Bedford County.

Prepared by James F. Klumpp

Last revised May 9, 2000

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