Identifying Research Trends: Abstracting & Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with recent scholarly research and analyze current trends in research related to your general area of scholarly interest within the field of Communication.

In doing the assignment you will be working with all of the research articles within the past year in the journal you identified as the most important journal for you to read regularly in the "Reading the Discipline" assignment. The journal you use for this assignment must be a research journal. Use only research articles; no book reviews, commentary, organizational business, etc.

Include no fewer than 16 and no more than 20 articles for this assignment. In other words, in most cases, you will use all of the articles in all of the issues published during the past year. However, if the journal you have chosen published only 10 articles during the past year, then you should abstract the articles published over two years of the journal, if the journal published 40 articles over the year, then you may do one-half year.

Do the project in the following steps:

1. Prepare a bibliography.

List the citations, in proper MLA or APA format (e.g., alphabetical by author), of all the research articles for the past year in the journal that you identified as the most important scholarly journal for you to read regularly. (Thus, your bibliography will include 16 to 20 articles.)

2. Abstract the articles.

Write an abstract for each of the articles listed in your bibliography. We want you to master the art of abstracting and time has shown that the following conventions produce the most useful abstracts:

3. Analyze the research.

Consider the research covered in this group of articles then develop a typology for categorizing this body of research. Your typology should have sufficient categories to be useful for organizing the research (at least three categories). Using this typology, write an analysis (no more than 1250 words) of current research trends within the journal you have chosen. This section should be written in the format of a research paper, including proper citations. Develop a thesis and support your claims. Do not just list your answers.

Basing your analysis on the typology you are using, you should do the following in your paper:

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