Charge to the Research Teams

COMM 661

Together the teams are gathering communication that we will analyze in the seminar.

Two of you will work on each teams. I hope you will somewhat coordinate your work, at least to the point of making certain you are not duplicating your searches. But this does not need to be a full group project. You do, however, have that option. Place the names of the people responsible on the front page of the bibliography. I will grade group work with all members of the group receiving the same grade.

What period of time will you review? I think we want to search in 2003-2004, but if you need to go earlier, do so.

How much will you review, abstract, and report to the class? This is a harder question to answer. Essentially, you need to play the approximately nine hours a week of work I expect outside of class with the need to read until you start seeing things repeating themselves. There is no magic formula, but not too much and not too little.

Media Team

Winston and Tatsumi

This team is responsible for surveying the mass media to locate texts that contribute to the communication surrounding gay/lesbian marraige. I expect that the team will review at least:

Inside the Community Team

Southard and Lee

This team is responsible for communication that is specifically networked to the gay/lesbian community and its supporters, discourse disseminated to gays, lesbians, transgendered, and bigendered people. I assume you will at least check:

Commentary Team

Durham and Barrett

This team is responsible for discovering commentaries on the rhetoric of the unit. Typically this will be from academics or think tanks. In fulfilling these duties the team should at least search:

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