How should you prepare for inquiry sessions?

Inquiry sessions are times for you to read and understand. The latter can be difficult sometimes when the authors you are reading are writing from a different perspective than from which you are reading. So, the purpose of the seminar is to help make the connection between writer and reader. To do that, you must have a hunch where something just is not clicking. So, preparation is a matter of sensing things you do not understand and bringing your questions to class. This only becomes challenging when you feel you don't understand enough to ask the right question. So, don't worry about whether it is the right question or not, ask it from your reader's perspective rather than from the author's writing perspective. So, here are three hints:

I anticipate that in the inquiry sessions I am a little more in control of the seminar than at other times.  Indeed, there may be concepts and frameworks that are important to understanding your readings and assumed in the readings rather than elaborated.  In the face of this, I may come close to lecturing (Blah!).  But sometimes a focused, interactive explanation is better than all the wikipeadia in the world.  Despite this, it is your questions and confusions that should control the agenda at this initial stage.

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