Advice on Studying for the Final

Structure of the Exam

Acquiring the concepts to work with speaking:

You read articles and book chapters that explained perspectives and concepts. These give you a way of explaining the goals and strategies that shape rhetorical activity by Obama and other politicians. In studying these articles and book chapters, the following questions should assist you:

Then, you should be able to take the article and be able to use it to talk intelligently about the speeches you have studied.

Being familiar with Obama's speeches:

We read many of Obama's speeches (and even a couple speeches by others) that allowed us to understand his speaking. In studying these speeches you should ask:

In preparation for intelligently reading these speeches, you may want to read the introduction to Reid and Klumpp (available on Additional Readings on ELMS), especially on how to read a speech.


When assimilated, all this knowledge should permit you to answer:

You should have a facility to talk about him as a speaker, not merely as a chooser of policy.

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