Information for Final Exam

Final is Tuesday, December 16, 8-10 AM, regular classroom

On inclement weather

On Obtaining an Excused Absence

Those missing the final exam will receive a "F" on the exam. Makeups will be given only following official university excused absence policy. Under that policy your obligations are the following:

  1. Notify me PRIOR TO the beginning of exam by email or voice mail (301.405.6520)
  2. Provide documentation for the reason for absence. This means in case of health problems that you must contact a physician who can provide documentation that you were too ill to complete the exam (health center will not provide documentation).
  3. Execute an incomplete contract with me within 48 hours. University policy does not allow me to submit an "I" grade without a signed contract for the incomplete.

Format of Final

Study Aids for Final

Agendas for Discussion:

During our review session, students requested that the followinig be posted to the web:

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