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The following schedule is a tentative day-by-day plan for the semester. We may well find that we fall behind, and there is time built into the schedule to compensate. So revisions will be announced in class and you are responsible for such announcements.


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January 26, 31

February 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28

March 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 27, 29

April 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 26, 28

May 1, 3, 8, 10

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Do an Abstract #
Prepare for Class Discussion *

In Class Discussion Leaders
Jan 26 A Introduction to Course  

Introduction to Course

31 B. Criticizing Public Discourse

Read: R&K, pp. 1-22; and
"Guiding Your Inquiry into Public Addresses"

Watch: Obama State of Union Address #*

Criticizing Public Discourse

Discussion of Obama State of Union

I. Political Leadership
Feb 2 A. Motivating Public Action: The Progressive Movement

Read: The Progressive Era and Woodrow Wilson and the Election of 1912

View: Jacob Riis Photos

Read: Upton Sinclair, The Jungle c. 14 and David Graham Phillips, "The Treason of the Senate."

  • Using Discourse to motivate public action
  • The Progressive Movement





  • Theodore Roosevelt, Man with a Muckrake, RK, pp. 586-95 #*
  • Wilson's Inaugural, RK, pp. 596-600 #*
Discussion: Roosevelt & Wilson Speeches  
B. Marshaling Public Will: The New Deal


Marshaling Public Will: Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal  

Read: Depression and FDR

Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal (continued)

View: Roosevelt's First Inaugural


Read: Franklin Roosevelt's First Inaugural, RK, pp. 747-51 #*

Read:  First Fireside Chat, RK, pp. 752-55 #*

Discussion: Roosevelt's First Inaugural and Fireside Chat Sydney Airey
Andrew Morreale
C. Diffusing Public Will: Economic Conservatism


Ronald Reagan & the Destruction of the New Deal  
16   Read: Reagan, A Time for Choosing, RK, pp. 756-66; #Read and view: ; Reagan's First Inaugural Address, RK, pp. 767-772 #* Discussion: Reagan's First Inaugural Kaitlin Esrich
Asha Allen
Miriam Mathis
D. Policy Leadership: The Case of the Clinton Health Care Proposal


Policy Leadership
The Clinton Proposal


Read: Health Care Proposal Timeline

Read: Clinton Health Care Speech #*

Read and Watch: Clinton Town Hall Meeting # *

Discussion: Clinton speech and Town Hall Meeting

Watch: Harry and Louise

Jeff Simpson
Julie Penhallegon
Liz Cheung
23     Discussion: Harry & Louise  
Review for Midterm
28 Mid Term Exam 1
II. Leadership in time of War and Peace
Mar 1 A. Debating America's Role: Turn of the 20th Century

Read: World War I

Read: Albert Beveridge, American Empire, RK, pp. 672-78. #

The Debate: Nationalism vs. an International Role  
6   Read: The League of Nations Debate, RK, pp. 700-12 #* Discussion: The League of Nations Debate Eli Greenspan
Jason Chen
Patrick Johnston
B. Motivating War: World War II Read: Prelude to World War II and Pearl Harbor and Mobilization Motivating War
Opposing Facism

Read and listen: FDR's Arsenal of Democracy, RK, pp. 713-22

Read and watch: FDR's Declaration of War, RK, pp. 730-32

Discussion: Arsenal of Democracy and The War Message Lillie Coppinger
Diana Peisach
Courtney Feeley
13   View "Prelude to War "
Discussion: "Prelude to War "  
C. Maintaining Permanent War: The Cold War Read: Breakdown of postwar peace The Cold War Cameron Ripley
Kyle Hendley
Travis Salisbury

Read and listen: Winston Churchill, RK, pp. 774-78

Watch: Duck and Cover

Discussion: Churchill and Duck and Cover Cameron Ripley
Kyle Hendley
Travis Salisbury

Read: The "Second Cold War"

Ronald Reagan, "The Evil Empire," RK, 796-803

Discussion: Reagan Cameron Ripley
Kyle Hendley
Travis Salisbury
D. Confronting Terrorism: 9/11   9/11  
29   Read: George W. Bush, Statement in Florida
Statement in Louisiana
Speech To Congress, RK, pp. 804-810
Discussion: Bush speeches Amy Young
Jackie Elliot
Kayla Butler
E. Justifying War: The Case of Iraq

Read: Just War and The National Security Strategy of the United States

The Iraq War


Apr 3  

Read & Watch: Bush 2003 State of Union, (from 41:20 into speech) ; Powell, Speech to United Nations

Discussion: Bush and Powell


Review for Exam
5 Mid-term Exam 2
III. Leading Social Movements
10 A. Focusing Organizations for Political Power: Suffrage

Read: Commentaries only, RK, pp. 627-655

Social Movements

The Suffrage Movement


Read: Carrie Chapman Catt, RK, 656-70 #*

Discussion: Catt Chris Holmes
Harley Levine
Lauren Ashley
B. Bringing Commitment to Social Action: African-American Civil Rights

Read: African American Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement  

Read: Martin Luther King, "Speech at Holt Street"
"Love, Law and Civil Disobedience" #*

Discussion: King Molly Krebs
Samantha Mundie
Lindsay Muller
C. Leading Radical Movements: Black Power   Malcolm X  

Read: Malcolm X, "The Ballot or the Bullet" #*

Discussion: Malcolm X Molly Krebs
Samantha Mundie
Lindsay Muller
D. Identity Movements: Feminism   Movements in the 1960s: Feminism  

Read: "Men and Violence" #*

Discuss: Feminist Consciousness Raising Christine Cunningham
Ilana Glazer
Allison Agazzi
IV. Moral Leadership
    Moral Leadership  
26   Read: Martin Luther King, "I Have a Dream," RK, 837-43 #* Discuss: "I Have a Dream" Molly Krebs
Samantha Mundie
Lindsay Muller
May 1   Read and watch: Al Gore, Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech #* Discuss Gore Speech Tim Visclosky
Jen Yu
Robin Galluci
V. Leadership in a Business Shaped World
    Leadership in Business  
3   Read: Russell Conwell, RK, pp. 520-33 #*

Discuss Conwell

Leonard Gahm
Brandon Stiffler
Mark Susser
8   Read: Bill Gates, "Speech at Lakeside High School" #* Discuss Gates  
10     Review for Final  
TBA     Final Exam