COMM 461
Spring 2015




There will be a two mid-term exams (each 20 percent of your grade) and a final (30 percent of grade). Half of each exam will be objective; that is, you must identify speeches, answer multiple choice questions, and respond with some short answers. The other half will be essay asking you to respond to a question about a speech you have studied. Finally, there will be a section on each exam that will award extra credit for your ability to reproduce text of famous speeches from memory. All exams are "major scheduled grading events."

Graduate Paper

Required for Graduate Students only. Write a paper examining a rhetorical moment from the twentieth century that exemplifies the power of the voice as a force in defining the meaning of public moments and responding to them. This might also be an excellent time to use some of the archives in the Washington area, although that is not necessarily a requirement for the project.
The paper should be 2500 to 3000 words. Due May 5. 20 percent of grade. Papers will be evaluated based on: (1) the quality of the insight contained in the paper, (2) the quality of research, (3) the quality of the writing, and (4) the following of proper form. Chicago (Turabian) or APA form will be accepted. An "A" paper will be superior in all four criteria. This grade takes the place of the unit and getting to know the 20th century assignments.