COMM 461
Spring 2015



These are a list of selected films that recreate a period of time and a discourse community. As you watch the film notice the place of public address. Your suggestions for additional entries are welcomed.

The Century Opens: 1900-1920

Industrialization: Radical Responses and the Progressives

  • Reds
  • Wilson

Isolationism and Internationalism


  • Iron Jawed Angels

Years of Tumult: 1920-1945

The Great Depression and the New Deal

  • Grapes of Wrath, starring Henry Fonda
  • Places in the Heart, starring Sally Field

World War II

  • Tora, Tora, Tora
  • Why We Fight. There are a series of films from this series. Available in Non-print media in Hornbake.

The Post War Years: 1945-1990

The Cold War

  • Thirteen Days, staring Kevin Costner

The Age of Movements

  • Malcolm X
  • Mississippi Burning
  • King: The Martin Luther King Story
  • Selma

Globalization and the Conservative Coalition

Economic Conservatism

  • Reagan [videorecording] / WGBH Educational Foundation. [Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Video, c1999. 4 videocassettes (270 min.) A four part series documenting the story of Ronald Reagan’s life, with comments by contemporaries and historians. Watch parts 1 and 2 (first two cassettes). Also available online (watch part 1).

Globalization and 9/11

Neo-Conservatism: The Case for Iraq