Advice on Research for the Graduate Student Paper

This assignment calls for you to work with some original historical materials. Enjoy that experience. Several of you have already told me of the charge at holding a 200 year old diary in your hands and reading about real people encountering the events that somehow seem more remote when they are in a secondary source.

Remember, your task is to find sources that give you a glimpse of public life in which its author participated. The following should help with that process.

Indexing Sources your should know

Using an archive

If you have not used an archive before, you need to know that they have specific rules that are different from other libraries. Typically, you will need to work under highly controlled conditions, have no privilege of check-out, be allowed to only use a pencil, and use only one item at a time. In addition, photocopy privileges are often quite limited and you may be restricted in the notebooks and other materials you can take into a viewing room. The following will help:

Archives in our area with manuscript collections

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