An Exam Diagnostic

The attached table is designed to help you model some study habits tied to your problems with the first test. In other words, if you had problems with particular sections on the first test, try doing the things listed in the appropriate place in the 2nd column. Of course, you can always do the things in the 2nd column even if you had no trouble.

Problem section on first exam: Prepare particularly this way:
Part I
  • Work more with texts before class discussion
  • Extract things from text that stand out as distinctive; participate with these things in discussion
  • Systematically look for characteristics of the rhetoric of community in the texts of speeches
Part II
Identification of Rhetorical Tradition
  • Make charts of community characteristics
  • Review different voices from different communities and concentrate on characteristics of voice; practice those voices at opportunities in class
Part III
Multiple Choice

Part IV
Short Answer

  • Study class notes more extensively
  • Read introductions to speeches assigned from textbook
  • Compare and contrast rhetorical characteristics of community
Part V
Generate Rhetoric
  • Practice Speeches in typical settings in the various communities
  • Take advantage of opportunities in class to try out your voice
  • Practice voices with other students from the class
Part VII
Extra Credit
  • Anticipate the speeches that might be on the exam and work particularly on them. Ask yourself what speeches we have studied you have heard about since high school.
  • Memorization of famous passages

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