Lyceum Program of 1838-39

Topic Lecturer
The Character, customs, costumes, etc. of the North American Indians George Catlin
Causes of the American Revolution Jared Sparks
The Sun Hubbard Winslow
The Sources of National Wealth C. H. Brewster
Common School Education C. T. Torrey
The Capacity of the Human Mind for Culture and Improvement Ephraim Peabody
The Honey Bee H. K. Oliver
Popular Education R. C. Winthrop
Geology Prof. C. B. Adams
The Legal Rights of Women Simon Greenleaf
Instinct Henry Ware, Jr.
Life of Mohammed J. H. Ward
Life and Times of Oliver Cromwell H. W. Kinsman
Memoirs of Count Rumford A. C. Peirson
The Practical Man Convers Francis
The Poet of Natural History J. L. Russell
The Progress of Democracy John Wayland
The Discovery of America by the Northmen A. H. Everett
The Satanic School of Literature and Its Reform Samuel Osgood
The Education of Children Horace Mann

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