COMM 401 Self Analysis

The following is designed as a self-test for you to check your mastery of the material of COMM 401. The four lists do not contain all the information you need to know, but other things you need to know allow you to do and know these things. Nor are the lists entirely separate. You need to know the systems of vocabulary to do the things you should be able to do. This is simply intended as a checklist of things you should master.

Because this is not a comprehensive list of what you need to know, I do not recommend it as the place for you to begin your studying. Use your notes for that. I recommend you use this rather when you are nearly finished with your studying to check your level of mastery.

Things you should be able to do:

Vocabulary systems to master:

Other things you need to know:

Speeches you have encountered

For the speeches you have studied this semester, you need to know:

I recommend you work on this by making yourself a chart for each decade beginning with the 1930s, listing the speakers and their concerns.

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