Getting a Room

The Washington area is obviously a large area with many rooms.  Unfortunately the closest motel/hotel to our meeting site is a good drive or metro ride.  We are meeting in a residential area.  

The motel that you choose will depend on: (1) your price constraints, (2) your desire for neighborhood, (3) your other activities while here (4) the distance you want to drive to get to the meeting site.  

I have selected a small list of motels, one from each price category and have listed characteristics of each.  The price I have listed is the low "shelf" price for one person, per night, that they have listed.  There are a wide range of prices available at each location, depending on number of people, day of week and your discounts.  Be sure and check internet rates, AAA rates, senior citizen rates, and any discount cards you may have.  Please do not represent the rates below as quotations to you.  They are simply a guide.  You may, of course, use whatever resources you have to locate a hotel/motel.  Feel comfortable in emailing me with any questions you have about the last three criteria above on any others motels.

For those of you who have not spent time in Washington, one of our features is our wonderful metro subway system.  The nearest metro station is about 1 mile from our meeting site.  Metro can take you into downtown DC, to the National Archives, the DAR Library, the Library of Congress for genealogical research, as well as to the Smithsonian Museums, the National Zoo, the White House, Capital Hill, or whatever sites you will come to see while here.  Metro is a clean, reliable transportation system.  I have indicated reference to a metro.  The Metro can be taken from National Airport although not from Dulles or BWI, our other two major airports.

Holiday INN -- Silver Spring

Shelf Rate: from $119
Location: 8777 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20910
Neighborhood:  Downtown Silver Spring, a close-in Washington suburb.  Shopping and lots of excellent restaurants within walking distance.
Metro: 3 blocks.
AAA:  3 Diamond.  From $107.
800 Reservation No.:  1-800-HOLIDAY
Local Phone No.:  301-589-0800
Parking:  Free to guests
To our meeting site:  Fifteen minute drive or metro ride.

Canterbury Hotel -- Dupont Circle

This is a small, European-style Hotel near Dupont Circle in Downtown Washington.  It will be the essential city experience.  Washington's best restaurants within walking distance.

Shelf Rate:  One guide to Washington lists rates from $68.  I am skeptical.  I suspect we are talking from $120.
Location: 1733 N St., Washington 20036
Neighborhood:  Dupont Circle area is an up-scale urban environment.  Lots of street life at night with a full range of restaurants including many ethnic restaurants reasonably priced.  This is the area of the city that contains embassies, and headquarters for many nonprofit organizations.  Metro rides are short to the major downtown attractions, both genealogical and tourist.
Metro:  2 blocks.
AAA:  3 Diamond.  From $119.
Website:  None that I can find.
800 Reservation No.:  None that I can find.
Local Phone No.:  202-393-3000
Parking:  Very difficult.  Recommended for fly-in.
To our meeting site: Hour from door to door on metro.  Do not recommend driving to meeting site, even if you bring your car to DC.

Howard Johnson Express -- College Park

This is a nice serviceable motel at the bottom end of the price range.

Shelf Rate:  from $54.
Location: 9113 Baltimore Ave, College Park MD 20740
Neighborhood:  This is along the Route 1 corridor, about a mile north of the University of Maryland.  There are several restaurants, including chains, within very close driving range.  Although the corridor is not pedestrian friendly (a reference to sidewalks and traffic mix), these could be reached by an avid walker on foot.  Evenings will be dead unless you are college age.
Metro:  About a five minute drive
AAA:  Not listed
800 Reservation No.:  1-800-IGOHOJO
Local Phone No.:  301-513-0002
Parking:  Free.
To our meeting site: About 30 minutes

Ramada Inn Limited -- Laurel

I have never seen this property although I know its area.  Included to give you a bottom of price range.

Shelf Rate:  from $45
Location: 9920 US Route 1, Laurel MD 20723
Neighborhood:  Basically on a commuter strip.  Franchise restaurants within a drive.
Metro:  20 minutes to nearest station
AAA:  2 diamonds.  from $49.
800 Reservation No.:  1-800-228-2828
Local Phone No.:  202-393-3000
Parking:  Free
To our meeting site: 30 minutes

Holiday Inn -- Greenbelt

I have included this for the weekend rate they offer AAA members.

Shelf Rate:  from $119
Location: 7200 Hanover Dr., Greenbelt MD 20770
Neighborhood:  None.  Just off the beltway in a commercial area.  Drive to everything.
Metro:  5 minutes to Greenbelt station by auto.
AAA:  3 Diamond.  From $69 weekend, $79 weekdays
800 Reservation No.:  1-800-HOLIDAY
Local Phone No.:  301-441-3311
Parking:  Free
To our meeting site: 30 minutes

Ramada Express -- Bethesda

Shelf Rate:  from $79
Location: 8400 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814
Neighborhood:  Bethesda is a first tier Washington suburb.  It has the finest range of restaurants in the Washington suburbs.  The motel is next to the National Institutes of Medicine, in downtown Bethesda.
Metro:  3 blocks
AAA:  2 Diamond.  from $79
800 Reservation No.:  1-800-228-2828
Local Phone No.:  301-654-1000
Parking:  Fee charged
To our meeting site: 30 minutes

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