Times:                  Tu Thu    12:30pm-1:45pm (PHY 1201)
                             F            12:00pm-1:00pm (PHY 1201)

Instructor:         Professor Adil Hassam
                          AVW 3307

Contact:               In general, I will respond expeditiously to email for any questions.
                             I will also be available right after class.  Beyond these, we can then set up
                             follow-up appointments as needed.   Questions in class are strongly encouraged.
                             One class hour per week will be devoted to working problems and further discussion.

TA:                         Hyeokshin Kwon, Office: Physics 4219, Phone: 301-405-6073
                                email:, Office Hours: Wed 11-12, Thu 11-12

Text:                Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Tipler and Mosca
                       Vol 2A (Electricity) and Vol 2B (Electrodynamics, Light)
                           ISBN 0-7167-0810-8  (Vol 2 Hardback Ch 21-41)

Website:           Most course materials will be put on a website for this class.
                        The URL is

Description:     The course is intended to provide an introduction to gravitational and
                       electromagnetic fields.  All of the material in the required textbook
                        will not be covered. Topics include gravitation, Coulomb's law, the electric field,
                        Gauss' law, the electric potential, capacitors and dielectrics,
                        current and resistance, DC circuits, the magnetic field, Ampere's and
                        Faraday's laws, inductance and the integral formulation of Maxwell's equations.
                        The emphasis in the class will be on understanding important physics concepts.

Homework:     Assignments will be handed out once a week and will be due
                        in one week from that date. Late homework is not accepted.

Grading:          Your course grade will be computed on the basis of 600 points awarded as follows:

                          Homework (drop 2 low ones)  100
                          1st midterm  100
                          2nd midterm  100
                          3rd midterm  100
                          Final exam  200

Links:            Teaching Electromagnetism Using Advanced Technologies

                      Physics for Scientists and Engineers 5e by Paul A. Tipler and Gene Mosca.