Mohammad Hafezi

Senior research associate at the Joint Quantum Institute



Research interest:

  1. Quantum simulation: investigation of existing condensed matter models and also novel quantum states in AMO systems, in particular photonic systems.

  2. Optical communication and computation: creating efficient and robust optical devices based on coherent control of light-matter interaction and novel quantum states, such as a topologically ordered one with built-in protection

  3. Quantum hybrid systems: investigating and exploiting interfaces between optical, microwave photons and atoms/solid state emitter that take advantage of each system properties for quantum information processing

  4. Opto-mechanics: exploiting opto-mechanics in optical delay, on-chip isolation, precision measurement

  1. Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University (2009)
    Thesis: “Strongly interacting systems in AMO physics” [pdf]

  2. École Polytechnique, France

  3. Sharif University of Technology, Iran

Selected Publications:

  1. M. Hafezi, S. Mittal, J. Fan, A. Migdall, J. Taylor, “Imaging topological edge states in silicon photonics”, Nature Photonics 7, 1001 (2013). (Nature Photonics News and Views , JQI press release, NIST Tech Beat, Physics World) Cover story

  2. M. Hafezi, E. Demler, M. Lukin, J. Taylor, “Robust optical delay lines with topological protection”, Nature Physics 7, 907 (2011). (NIST Tech Beat, JQI press release,

  3. M. Hafezi, Z. Kim, S. Rolston, L. Orozco, B. Lev, J. Taylor, “ An atomic interface between microwave and optical photons”, Phys. Rev. A. 85, 020302 (R) (2012).

The list of publications, talks, awards, grants, patents: [CV]