Here is a list of winners with the peeling paint issue. Some of them
don't consider it winning but this will tell how Chrysler doesn't have
a standard answer and what you get depends on how hard you fight and
what kind of a day they are having. There is no rhyme nor reason to any
of this.

Kim Dingwall
2nd owner of 1992 Voyager peeling all over except sliding door. CC
offered 50% of affected panels and I filed in small claims. They
settled out of court one week before the second settlement conference
for the full amount plus court costs. The squeaky wheel got the grease!!!

Bill HartDodge
B250 Van 1991 Grey
About a month ago, Chrysler paid to have my 1991 250 van repainted.  At
the shop where I had secured an estimate of $2900.00.  I paid a $500.00
deductible.  I must thank everyone who wrote and who posted their
complaints and successes as I downloaded all to use in my fight for
fairness.  THATS ALL.......BILL Bradley 

A.M. Barber 
Just wanted you to know that my dealer repainted my 92 blue Voyager for
free.  He did ask me some questions:
1.  Was I the original owner?  Yes
2.  What kind of warranty did I have?  7/70
3.  Did I have an extended warranty?  no
The service manager took one look at my van and said, "Yup, it's a peeler.
I don't even have to contact the regional representative for this."  
They only painted the affected areas (hood, roof, top of liftgate) but I was
thankful for that.  My van has 95,000 miles on it.  They matched the paint
great.  It looks like a million now.

Chad R. Edwards
Huntsville AL
My 1990 Black Jeep Cherokee has white fading and discoloration of the
paint on the drivers side of the hood, roof top and top of hatch door.
It looks terrible and started around 1994.  The vehicle was kept in a
garage everyday up until about 1995.  My name is Chad Edwards, I live 
Huntsville AL, I have a '90 Jeep Cherokee that has the paint problem.  
I currently have an appointment next week 8/4/97 with Madison Square 
Chrysler to have my Jeep repainted completely and they are agreeing 
to pay half of the cost $1500/2 = $750 for me!!! Can we get them 
to pay all of it?

Chet Perkowski
I have a 94 Dakota with 35,000 miles on it. Transmission had to be
rebuilt and it's still not right. The paint on the hood and roof is
peeling right off the truck. I take good care of the truck and wax it
regularly. Anyone with the same problems please let me know what you
did about it and if Chrysler picked up the tab. Thanks. 
Feb 25/98--Chrysler took care of the problem, as well as replacing 
my transmission.

Clifford Potter
Northford CT
JEEP Cherokee 1989 burgundy
The roof and hood and flat parts of fenders are losing their paint
right down to the primer.  I worked through my jeep dealer and he got 
me an adjustment on my paintjob.  The dealer was the one I had bought 
the jeep from used.  He gave me about $680 toward the repair, but I 
deal with the same body shop all the time and he is expensive but good.  
So I had to pay quite a bit out of my pocket.
ps--they did make the job right but I have dealt with this body shop for 
years.  They said (JEEP DEALER) the cause was the clear coat wearing off
and then the water base paint disappears

Dave Shea
Northampton, MA
1990 Dodge Caravan Dark Blue
I won my case as well.  I had my roof painted (which was the worst part) for
only $100.00 deductible.  I also got a brand new transmission out of them for
only $100.00.  Sounds like you were successful also.  Thanks, Dave Shea

Deanne Logue
Spirit Lake Idaho
1992 Plymouth Voyager SE Dark Blue
The dealer I bought my Plymouth Voyager did nothing for me in the
almost three years I have been trying to get my van repainted.  I went
to a different dealer who offered me the 50-50 deal only on the parts
of my van that were peeling, this was two years ago and since then my
van started peeling on all panels.  After trying to no avail to get a
hold of my Chrysler district rep I filed a small claims suit in
September 1997.  My case was to be heard on Dec 1 1997.  A week ago
Saturday I took my van into yet another dealer (I won't go back to
either of the other two dealers) for a tune up and radiator flush.  The
service rep went to put the number in my van and get the vitals and I
saw him looking at my paint job.  I asked him how he liked my palomino
paint job and we got to talking about all I have been through and the
fact that I had a court date coming up.  He said I shouldn't have to go
through court and he would see what he could do.  I didn't have much
faith that he could do anything since nobody else seemed to be able 
to do anything.  He had filled out a repair request for the paint and 
on it I wrote what I wanted, which was 100% of my van repainted at 
100% Chryslers expense.  He called me 2 days later on Monday and said 
the rep he talked to was really against it but he got him to ok the 
whole paint job.  I was completely amazed.  I dropped my van off last 
Monday.  I am paying the auto body shop to repair the dings and dents 
and that's it.  I'm not sure if the fact that the dealer is a five star 
dealer and really care about there customers or what but they have my 
business.  That's my story.

Van Vitals
1992 dark blue Plymouth Voyager SE
purchased February 1995
started peeling in March - April 1995 78,000 miles
getting repainted November 1997 113,000 milesgood luck Deanne

PS--I picked up my van last Thursday and it looks great.  I hope it lasts.

Dezi Cardenas
Monday, 16-Feb-98 01:17 PM
Pasadena, California
1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer Burgundy
Yes, In 1997 they offered to repaint the affected areas, they agreed to
paint the entire Jeep after the service manager pushed for a complete paint
job! All we had to pay was a $400.00 deductible.

Eric Pittman & Stephani Rockitter
They refused our first request and after we threatened a class action,
they offered to pay for half, we are going to hold out for a complete paint 
job as we see the paint peeling on many of the 91 model Caravans. 

Thursday, February 26, 1998 6:40 AM
Chrysler offered to paint, free of charge, any body panel that was peeling.
i.e. front quarter panel, the roof, etc. All of the panels except for the
doors and the rear quarter panels were peeling. The guy at the paintshop said
that we could just paint the peeling panels, but that they wouldn't match the
unpainted panels and he suggested that we paint the entire vehicle and pay the
$550 difference. We declined to pay anything and told them to just paint the
areas that they would do for free. The car was painted and it looks great.
There is no difference between the new and old paint color. We are 2nd owners
of the van and it is a 91 model. I saw some of the offers that Chrysler was
making regarding the percentage that they would pay according to the age of
the van and can see that they will do more than they offered in that
settlement. We do like the van and will probably do business with Chrysler
again, but are very disappointed in their refusal to admit that they are using
substandard paint. If you would like any more information or need an extra
voice or signature towards any action that would force Chrysler to bemore
supportive of their products, feel free to write us.

Harry B Moore
I own a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck.
At 38 months of age I noticed a large spot in the middle of my hood where
the paint had peeled. Went to the dealer and we discovered a couple more
places that this problem existed.  He sent me to a paint/body shop for an
estimate of repair and said he would call me when he received the estimate.
Over a six week period I couldn't get anyone to contact me from the
dealers owner to the Chrysler customer service department.  (very long
story)...Finally got some attention and now my truck is being 75%
repainted.  Chrysler has agreed to pay 70%, but this still is leaving me
with about $600. expense for their faulty workmanship.

Ivy Shamblin
Redlands, CA  
Monday, February 16, 1998 
I own a 1992 Dodge Daytona IROC bought at Moss Bros. Dodge in San 
Bernardino, CA  It is white and this is the third time that the 
dealership has painted the vehicle at no expense to me.  First the 
paint started chipping around the hatchback bumpers (along with 
rusting) about 2 yrs. ago, then the sides of the outer part of the 
hatchback began peeling and around Sept. of 1997 the paint on the roof 
was peeling very badly so today (2-16-98) I am having that section 
painted at the dealership.  The dealership did not say what caused 
this.  Hope this helps others. 

Jim Hastings
I have a 94 Dodge Ram P/U with charcoal metallic paint. The paint is 
peeling off. The local dealer here looked at it and contacted Chrysler. 
They said they would pick up 75% of the cost of a new paint job. A new 
paint job is estimated to cost $2576. Chrysler settled with me last may 
by paying 75% of the cost of a new paint job.  Good luck, Jim Hastings

Karen Ferretti
I have a 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan.  Two years ago the paint started to
peel from the hood and roof. They repainted those parts only and I paid 
25% of the cost ($260.00 approx). Now two years later, the paint is falling 
on the sides of the car. I asked why they wouldn't paint the whole car two 
years ago and they said they were only experiencing paint problems on the 
tops of the surfaces that received the most sunlight.  Well, now they want 
me to pay 70% of the cost.  I DON'T THINK SO!!!

Just wanted to update you on my Caravan.  I am picking it up from the dealer
tomorrow.  I have had it repainted.  They agreed to pick up 50% of the cost.

Ken & Linda Pollock
Claremore, Oklahoma
Our '91 Grand Voyager (Dark Blue) had paint off the middle of the top, rear 
hatch and hood.  It was nicknamed the "Skunk Van" by school kids.
We repainted it at a local body shop for a little over $800.  We were
reimbursed a little over $400 from the dealership.

Larry West
I consider myself to have 'won' my paint problem case.  I have a '91 dark
blue voyager that had a one year paint warranty.  It started peeling from
the room approximately six months after the warranty expired.  The dealer
repainted the roof at no cost to us.  About eighteen months later the hood 
and the top of the liftgate started to peel.  We tried several times to get 
it repainted and didn't even get the common 50% offer.  (The dealership had 
changed hands.)  We moved to a new town and tried again but still no luck.  
We then tried again after the Dateline story and cited the story, the Van
Board web sites, and the class action law suit.  To our amazement the
dealer called back and said they were authorized to repaint the affected
areas (by now the hood, both front fenders, the top of the liftgate, and
some repeat peeling on the roof) for a cost to us of $120.  Considering the
age of the van I thought that was a very fair offer and we snapped it up.  
During the painting process the masking tape they'd applied to areas not
being painted lifted off paint when it was removed!!  Chrysler offered to
repaint the entire sides down to the trim on the lower portion for an
additional cost to us of $70.  I took it.  I probably could have been a
jerk about it but the dealer was really working for us by now and,again,
considering the age of the van I thought that $200 for an 80% paint jobwas
a good deal.  Ironically, the new paint job is guaranteed for life!!
I really appreciate all you did to get the ball moving on this issue.
While my dealings with Chrysler were one-on-one I firmly feel that the
momentum created by you and the others helped my case immensely.

Laila A. Fanslau
Maple Ridge B.CAUG
5/97--I own a 89 Jeep Charokee-Laredo... I bought it brand new, that 
year...a few years later I noticed the paint was coming off. I talked 
to the dealers, and they said it was because of a number of reasons, none
of which it was their responsibility. The years went on and after I got 
on to, the Internet, I came across a page like I printed, all 
the pages out!!  Took it down to the dealers, and phoned Chrysler...Armed 
with amunition,of proof, and words. I got the Jeep painted!! they went for 
half...and told me that paint they had used, in that year and for a 
couple of years, had been environmental paint, that did not adhere to the 
metal. Although, I feel they should have painted the Jeep, with no cost 
to me...It was better for me to get it painted, so it wouldn't ruin the 
metal, and rust.  However, I will keep up the fight and make people aware
of the paint problems, on their vehicles.

Marvin Stockman
My 92 White Dodge Grand Caravan was repainted about 18 months ago by CC.  
They paid 2/3 of the $450 cost to repaint the roof and hood (they didn't 
repaint the front fenders).  CC seems to leave a lot of this up to the 
dealer and the area rep.  They don't seen to have a consistent policy.

Michael Fronzeo
Like I had mentioned ,I had taken the car to the local dealer (TownMotors
in Exton, Pennsylvania). The service manager took one photograph and said he
would have to show it to his territorial manager, who would be by about 2
weeks later. I had even admitted that I could understand paying a portion of
the cost because paint isn't covered by warranty. The service manager told
me it would be best to wait and see. Of course I learned about everything
else later and was worried I would have to put up a fight, but 2 weeks later,
the service manager gave me a call and told me Chrysler would repaint the
affected area (the roof only) and all I had to do was wait for an opening at
the body shop they have contracts with (which would be about another 2
weeks). I know you feel Chrysler ought to repaint the whole vehicle,but I
think I'll just count my blessings. I don't mean to brag, but I don't think
I could have done any less work in the whole matter.

Mike Roady
Downey CA
Plymouth voyager 1992 midnite blue
Paint literally jumping off the top and hood. Top is now approx. 80%
primer. Hood and top of rt. and left fenders too. After 1 year of haggling, 
Chrysler paid 60% of the cost to paint the top, hood, and fenders on my 92 
Voyager. They really seem to try and wear you down and hope you will go away. 
They also try stunts like saying you must have the work completed within 2 weeks, 
and won't put any of their proposition in writing; including the estimate. The 
estimates seemed pretty high; not sure that I didn't actually pay the whole thing. 
All in all, a very frustrating experience...Good Luck!

Peter Arnold
My '92 Dakota (Gray & Silver) was starting to peel.  Chrysler's suggested
remedy was for me to pay $3200 of $4000 Strip and repaint cost.
I sued  in Connecticut Small Claims court for the max. allowed ($2500).
Important:  I stressed that the paint adhesion was not addressed in the
warrantee. The Judge agreed to the tune of $1650;-)
I recovered $1750 from small claims court action.  Thrust of my argument
being that the paint didn't fail, it fell off!

Ray Davis
My 1994 silver Dodge Ram truck has a very obvious factory defect after
threatening to take to small claims court I accepted best offer from
zone rep for $100.00 (my cost) to repaint peeling areas and to tape
test other areas. If other areas require repainting they will do so for free.

I would like to relate two stories of Chrysler paint problems and how we
won.  The main thing is BE PERSISTANT!!
1) A co-worker of mine owns a 1990 Jeep Cherokee with only 30k miles on
and the paint is peeling off the hood, roof, and rear door.  Don't deal
with the dealer, they don't have any authority and they will just give you
the run around.  Find the local zone office (in your warranty book) and
talk to the manager there.  They have the authority to get vehicles
repainted.  My friend got his 1990 Jeep Cherokee completely repainted for
free.  The key to his situation was low mileage.
2) I also own a 1990 Jeep Cherokee but I had 90k miles on it and the
paint was peeling off the hood, roof, and rear door.  My journey took a
little longer.  I dealt with the dealer and local zone manager.  Offers to
me ranged from nothing, to a percentage based on miles left until 100k
(approx. 10%), to 25% participation, to 50/50.  Since I knew that Chrysler
repainted entire vehicles for free I took Chrysler to small claims court. 
The court cost me $21 to file and Chrysler settled out of court for a $250
The key, BE PERSISTANT!!!  Chrysler will blow you off, not return your
calls, and give you the run around.  They will claim that they do not
repaint vehicles, that it is your driving habits, it is past warranty,say
you will never win in court, etc.  Don't buy it!

Ronnie Gigante
To all who are having problems with paint peeling from your Chrysler,
I reported a paint peeling problem to the home office in New York. After
two responses by two different offices not willing to do anything about
the problem, I wrote to this office below. They called me on the phone and
said they would pay the bill. I mailed it to them and in a short time I
had a check in my hand. (Cashed and cleared). They paid for the whole
paint job. About 1400.00.  It pays to fight.

Susan Hansen
Miami, Florida
1993 Dark Green, My paint was bubbling and wearing off all over
the hood, is that what yours did? I was actually on my way to the courthouse 
pick up papers for small claims court.  On the way, I stopped at Dade 
Chrysler Jeep eagle (in Miami) to notify them and give them one more 
opportunity to settle w/out getting the courts involved.  A new general 
manager approached me, this man was so accommodating and professional.  I 
explained what had been going on  and he said he couldn't understand why 
the painting of the car had been denied.  He agreed to paint it immediately 
(I was shocked).

I own a 91 blue Voyageur and have had the same paint problems with roof
more than 50% peeled plus hood, back door and driver's door in 1995. 
Took it to the dealer and first told Chrysler would pay 100% but 2 days
later it was 50% of body shop quote.  Picked up van to find back door
not done then left it for another 2 days.  Price seemed rather steep
($1450) so took it to a Dodge dealer and 2 body shops including the one
that did the work.  All quoted $1000 or less.  Found out the dealer had
asked the body shop if he would do the work for $1450. Got mad, stopped
payment on cheque, set the Better Business Bureau, Consumer and
Commercial Relations and my lawyer on them.  After much arguing they
settled for $250 and we agreed never to do business again.  Eighteen
months later, the back door and both sides are peeling.  Add a ticking
engine and a transmission rebuild in January, I won't be buying another
one again.

Wendy McLaughlin
Dodge Dakota 1993 White
I too won with regard to the peeling paint on my Dodge Dakota.  A dealer here
in Peoria Arizona took care of it for me without any battle.  I feel bad for
the other people who have not been so fortunate.  If you need specifics about
my situation I will be happy to supply you with that in the hopes of helping
someone else. Thank you.

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