From: Lyall Einhorn 
Subject: Intrepid Fire
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 1996 22:16:20 -0600

I had a 94 Intrepid.  I used the block heater on Jan. 4. 1995 in 
Saskatoon Sask.  The weather was about -40 C.  One half hour later my 
car was ablaze.  Looked like a fault with the power cord near the block 
heater.  The car was a right off.  The insurance company last I heard 
was doing more evaluation.  I phone Chrysler Customer Service and asked 
them about other cases.  No real desire to search this out.  Basically 
ended by the person saying what would you like us to do.  Anybody else 
have a fire start?

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