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This page is designed to be a resource for Chrysler owners who have had problems in dealing with Chrysler automotive company, including issues with peeling paint, transmission failure, the Chrysler installed Bendix-10 ABS system and other maladies.

You'll notice that both the drop-box is now gone; I just no longer have the time to answer all the individual questions I get (about ten a day). Still, there is a lot of great information here that can help you get your money back, and if you need even further assistance, I created a list of steps of what to do to get their money back. In addition, if you have an article, link or piece of information you feel should be added here, please send it to me directly at, as I am always adding things of use. Thanks for visiting, and good luck!

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    This page is not associated in any way with the DaimlerChrysler Corporation, nor is it recognized by either the company or any of it's divisions. This page is purely a resource for owners, and information can not be guaranteed for veracity, though most everything on this page comes from true stories and experiences of Chrysler owners themselves. I'm not a lawyer, and I don't want to get sued beause advice I gave you didn't get your money back--what worked for me (and others) won't necessarily work for you.

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