Thrir Venstri Foetr
aka Three Left Feet Schedule

Rehearsal Schedule

We had previously rehearsed on Tuesdays from 8-10 at the University of Maryland. However, we are no longer using that space.

We will be joining Storvik's Fighter Practice on MONDAY nights for awhile. For details if you are not on the list-serv, email ThrirVenstriFoetr AT gmail DOT com and put Practice in the subject line (the AT is @ and the DOT is .)

Due to needing to rent space, we have a jar for money, we suggest a couple of dollars/person/rehearsal, the money is then given to the SCA who actually pays the rent. Rehearsals are open to new people and we often will have the time to teach some of the dances. Performance is not required to participate in the group, but since we are a performing group, some rehearsals will be more performance oriented. We also have periodic non-rehearsal meetings (such as when the church is not available).

During the summer, we used to focus on preparing for the Maryland Renaissance Festival, as we no longer perform there the pattern has changed. However, when we have a gig coming up, we do tend to focus on preparing for that gig. As part of the preparation we spent more time on refining the dances and getting them up to performance standards. We also meet every so often to discuss which dances should be in the repetoire and which could be cycled out.

Performance Schedule

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