Ethan Hutt

Assistant Professor
College of Education
University of Maryland - College Park

Ethan Hutt


I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership at the University of Maryland - College Park. I am interested in the historical relationship between schools, the law, and education policy. In particular, my work focuses on the numbers and metrics that are used to describe, define, and regulate American school systems and asks: Where did these numbers--whether grades, test scores, value-added measure--come from? How did they become central to the work of schools? How did they gain and maintain their legitimacy? What effects have they had for how we think about what schools can (and should) do?


These questions have been at the center of my published work and are key issues in my current book project: Good Enough: A History of the GED and the Making of Minimum Educational Standards.


Prior to becoming a professor at the University of Maryland, I received my PhD in Education from Stanford University School of Education. Prior to my dissertation work, I received my MA in History from Stanford University and a BA in History from Yale University.


Recent News:

Excited to announce that I have been selected as a 2018-19 National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow

Check out my new article--a reply to an article on the implications of the causal revolutuion for education litigation.

Check out my new article on the GED as "diplomatic measurement".

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