Tiempo de lobos

[Time of Wolves]

(Colima Films, 1981) Prod: Julio Ruiz Llaneza; Dir/Scr: Alberto Isaac; Photo: Ángel Bilbatua; Assoc Prod: Manfred Durniok (Sür Film, Berlin); Asst Dir: Javier Durán; Film Ed: Federico Landeros; Art Dir: Lucero Isaac, Claudio Isaac; Makeup: Marcela Meyer; Sound Op: Manuel Rincón; Re-Rec: Ricardo Saldívar

Cast: Ernesto Gómez Cruz (don Abraham), Gonzalo Vega (Abel), Jaime Garza (Esteban), Patricia Rivera (Judith), Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (Napo), Ariadna Welter (María), Juan Ángel Martínez (Bobby Zamora), Carmena Salinas (La Platanitos), Liliana Gutiérrez (Betsabé), Óscar Gutiérrez (Josué), Hilario Cárdenas (Pio Monchis), Ramón Ceballos (Baby Isaías), Ignacio Retes (don Frutos), Eli Menz (Trini), Melchor Fierros (Trini's husband), Ramiro Ramírez (engineer Iturbe), Jorge Rocha, Álvaro Meneses (Mateo), José Antonio Estrada (Erasmo), Jorge Gutiérrez and Gilberto Rojas (painters), Carlos Gómez (Rocha), Cruz Díaz (Cañitas), Paco Zaragoza (Paco), Esteban Meneses and Gabriel Portillo (bodyguards), Salvador Velasco (doctor), Jesús Valencia (don Jesús); beach girls: Chagua López, Blanca Leonor Ochoa, Cande Alvarez, Ana Lilia Avila

Notes: Abraham is a farmer in Colima who is irritated when his two sons--Abel and Napo--show no interest in following in his footsteps. They have just returned from working in the USA, and are not interested in the arduous life of farming. Meanwhile, Abraham runs afoul of the local political boss, complaining that candidates of the ruling party never fulfill their election promises. His vocal opposition irks the cacique, who uses legal means to strip Abraham of his land. As the film ends, he has relocated to the capital, where he spends his days in a cramped apartment watching television.

The film also includes a sub-plot about Abraham's daughter Judith, who has an affair with Esteban, which provokes the ire of her brothers.

Tiempo de lobos won two Ariel Awards in 1983, Best Co-Starring Actress (Patricia Rivera), and Best Screenplay (Isaac). It was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Story, Best Editing, and Best Set Decoration. In the Diosas de Plata, Tiempo de lobos took home the Best Picture, Best Original Story, and Best Editing prizes.

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