This filmography is listed by the year in which production began, which is the standard way of dating Mexican films (thus, a film which started shooting on 31 December 1968 is a "1968 film" in this system). Release dates and copyright dates on films may therefore differ from the dates below. Clicking on a hot-linked title will take you to a synopsis of that film.


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Note: SANTO, LA LEYENDA DEL ENMASCARADO DE PLATA (1992) stars El Hijo del Santo(as himself), and the character of "Santo" is played by Daniel García.

Review of Infraterrestre (2000).

The most recent film starring El Hijo del Santo.

2007: Mil Máscaras vs. the Aztec Mummy with a cameo appearance by El Hijo del Santo!

How do I find these films?

You can try some of the sources on my Video/Poster Page, both for pre-records and (some of the private individuals) for tapes taken from TV broadcasts.

Here are some companies which currently are selling pre-recorded Santo tapes and/or DVDs--

By the way, I am still personally looking for copies of MISION SECRETA EN EL CARIBE (the Spanish version).

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