Murderers' Row

(A Meadway-Claude Picture, released by Columbia Pictures, 1966)

Producer: Irving Allen; Director: Henry Levin; Screenplay: Herbert Baker; Orig. Novel: Donald Hamilton;Photo: Sam Leavitt; Music: Lalo Schifrin

CAST: Dean Martin (Matt Helm), Ann-Margret (Suzie), Karl Malden (Julian Wall), Camilla Sparv (Coco Duquette), James Gregory (MacDonald), Beverly Adams (Lovey Kravezit), and Amedee Chabot (one of the Slaygirls)

 NOTES: this was one of a series of spy films starring Dean Martin. Martin's public persona (the boozy, womanizing, laid-back crooner) meant that the tone was changed from the rather hard-boiled action of the original novels to very tongue-in-cheek.

Murderers' Row pits Helm (who works for "ICE") against master criminal Julian Wall, who is trying to force a scientist to reveal the secret of the "helio beam," which will concentrate the sun's rays and destroy Washington, D.C. Wall's headquarters is in Monte Carlo, which allows for a lot of second-unit footage of car chases through twisting roads, and some neat sequences featuring hovercraft. Helm is aided by Suzie, the kidnaped scientist's daughter.

Amedee Chabot shows up twice in the film, both times as one of a large group of Helm's admirers (called the "Slaygirls," although they are not credited on the film itself). First, after Helm has been "killed" (to throw the villains off the track, he pretends to have succumbed to an assassination attempt), the Slaygirls attend his "wake," held in a bar. All of the women are dressed in identical floppy black hats and raincoats--Amedee is the second to the last shown. At the end of the film, Matt and Suzie have returned to the USA and are preparing for a romantic tryst, but the Slaygirls appear in his apartment. Now they are all wearing different, outlandish (and abbreviated) costumes. Amedee is again the next to the last Slaygirl shown, and is wearing a gold bikini.


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