Biographical Dictionary of Mexican Film Performers: "I"

Ibáñez, Manuel "Flaco": the Oaxaca-born Ibáñez grew up in Mexico City and originally studied architecture, before switching to the theatre where he worked with Juan José Gurrola, among others. Héctor Suárez helped him get his start in comedy. Ibáñez is mostly known for his many comedy roles from the 1970s on, but has also done some dramatic work. Married to actress Jacqueline Castro.

Iglesias, Alfonso "Pompín" [padre] (1893 or '84?-1953): character actor, on-screen from the '30s until his death. Father of "Pompín" Iglesias Jr.

Iglesias, Alfonso "Pompín" [hijo] (1926-2007): bland, meek-appearing comic actor, on-screen as a child but began to appear regularly in the 1950s as a young man. Starred in a few films but achieved greater success on TV, where he was paired with Nacho Contla. In the '70s and '80s was a stalwart in supporting roles. There is a Pompín III, presumably his son.

Inclán, Lupe (?--1956): character actress, usually seen as servants, neighbors, and so on. Nominated as Best Supporting Actress in 1946 for Capullito de alelí. Sister of Miguel Inclán.

Inclán, Miguel [Miguel Inclán Delgado] (1900-1956): popular villain of Mexican cinema from the 1930s into the '50s, although he also had some sympathetic roles, notably as the kindly policeman in Salón México and several appearances as Benito Juárez. Inclán came from a theatrical family and started out working in the carpa theatres (he later bought a theatre with his film earnings and put his extended family to work in it). His son Miguel Inclán García also had a long career as an actor, although mostly on the stage. Other relatives of Inclán who made their mark in the entertainment industry are Raúl "Chato" Padilla and Alfonso Zayas.

Inclán, Rafael (1941--): Mérida-born great-nephew of Miguel Inclán Delgado who started appearing in films in the '70s and by the '80s was a major comedy star. Still works regularly in video-homes. Also capable of dramatic work when necessary, and in this capacity was hired by Arturo Ripstein for El coronel no tiene quien le escriba (1998). Inclán was nominated for a Best Male Co-Star Ariel in 1983 for his role in Piernas cruzadas.

Inda, Stella: [María Soledad García Corona] (1917-1995): Michoacán-born actress who made her film debut as an extra in La mujer del puerto (1933) and continued to work in films through the 1980s. One of her most famous roles was in Luis Buñuel's Los olvidados, for which she won the Best Co-Starring Actress Ariel; she later received the Best Actress prize for El rebozo de Soledad.

La India María: SEE Velasco, María Elena

Infante, Angel (1914-1987): actor/singer brother of Pedro Infante, father of actress Sonia Infante and actor Toño Infante. At one time married to actress Esther Luquín.

Infante, Pedro (1917-1957): Sinaloa-born singer/actor, extremely popular with the mass audience before AND after his death in an airplane crash in Mérida in 1957. Infante worked as a carpenter before embarking on a singing career in the late 1930s; made his film debut in the early '40s and was soon one of the top stars in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Father of a large number of children (more than dozen), in and out of wedlock, including Pedro Infante Jr., Cruz Infante, and Irma Infante, who all later became performers. His wife at the time of his death was actress Irma Dorantes (although the legality of their marriage was challenged in court). Infante's brothers Angel and José (Pepe) also had acting and/or singing careers. Pedro Infante earned numerous Best Actor Arieles nominations-- Cuando lloran los valientes, Los tres huastecos, La oveja negra, Un rincón cerca del cielo, Pepe el toro, Tizoc--but only won one prize, for La vida no vale nada.

Infante, Pedro Jr. [Pedro Infante Torrentera] (1950-2009): son of actor Pedro Infante and Lupita Torrentera. Started acting in the mid-70s. Has only occasionally sung on screen, and while he has been in some rancheras, he was mostly seen in contemporary action films. Tragically took his own life in 2009.

Infante, Sonia (1944--): exotic-looking actress, on-screen from the 1960s on. Married to producer/director Gustavo Alatriste and later to actor Andrés García. Daughter of Angel Infante, sister of Toño Infante. Has also produced films.

Infante, Toño [Antonio Infante]: actor son of Angel Infante, brother of Sonia Infante, nephew of Pedro Infante. Mostly second leads and supporting roles in action pictures of the '80s and '90s.

Iñíguez, Dalia (1911-1995): Cuban-born actress who made her film debut in Peru in 1938; she came to Mexico in 1945 and over the next fifty years appeared in a number of films and TV shows, usually in supporting roles as somebody's mother, aunt, neighbor, servant, confidante, etc. Mostly on TV after the mid-'60s. Iñíguez, well-known as a "declamadora" (someone who performs poems, speeches from plays, etc.) in her native land, was married to Juan Pulido, a Cuban singer who later appeared as a character actor in Mexican films of the 1940s and '50s.

Iris, Esperanza [Esperanza Bonfil] (1888-1962): born in Tabasco, Iris was a famous stage star of the early 20th century who made a few film appearances in the 1930s.

Irusta, Agustín (1902-1987): Argentine actor and famous tango singer. A member of the Trío Argentino Irusta-Fugazot-Demare. When the trio broke up in 1936, Irusta continued as a solo performer and also appeared in some Argentine films. Came to Mexico in 1946, moved back to Argentina in the 1950s, but finally settled down in Venezuela.

Isabel, Margarita: SEE Margarita Isabel

Islas, Claudia [Ma. de los Angeles Elizabeth Islas Brasdrefer] : blonde actress, born in Chiapas, who got her start in the '60s, and is still active in telenovelas in the '90s. In her younger days, mostly played sharp, street-wise and sexy characters, cf the prostitute in Para servir a usted (1970).

Issa, Esperanza (1930--): attractive actress, born in Chiapas, on-screen mostly in the 1950s in secondary roles. Not to be confused with Esperanza Iris.

Isunza, Agustín [Augstín Isunza y del Palacio] (1900-1978): Coahuila-born screen performer from the '30s into the '70s, mostly in comic supporting parts as semi-foolish characters, sidekicks, and so on.

Iturbide, Rebeca (1924-2003): refined-looking leading lady of the 1950s, born in El Paso of Mexican parents. Made some screen appearances in the '60s and '70s in supporting roles.

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