Futbol México 70

aka The World at Their Feet

(Alameda Films-Lewis Rank Productions, 1970) Dir/Scr: Alberto Isaac; Story: Derek Ford, Donald Ford; Photo: Raúl Martínez Solares, Rick Briggs, Mike Davis, Ken Goddard, William Rowland; Music: Joan Shakespeare, Derek Warne; Film Ed: Carlos Savage, Terry Keefe, Jack Knight, Roy Lafbury; Eastmancolor

Cast: Arthur Hansel (reporter), Everardo Rodríguez Tamez (Martín), Luz María Aguilar (mother), Verónica Rudisell (reporter), Claudio Brook (narrator for Spanish-language version), Patrick Allen (narrator for English-language version)


Notes: this was the official film of the 1970 World Cup soccer tournament, held in Mexico. A framing story about a young boy who hikes from his village to the capital so he can see the event was edited around footage of the matches.

An English-language version was produced at the same time (this was a Mexican-British coproduction) with different voiceover narration; however, I am not sure if there were other changes or not.

(I have not yet seen this film, but hope to do so soon).

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