El mundo de los aviones

(The World of Airplanes)


(Nacional Cinematográfica, 1968)

Producer: Mario A. Zacarías; Director: René Cardona Jr.; Screenplay: Mario Marzac and René Cardona Jr.; Photography: Jorge Sthal Jr.; Music: Sergio Guerrero; Prod Mgr: Saíd Slim; Prod Supv: José Luis Zacarías; Prod Chief: Fidel Pizarro; Asst Dir: Américo Fernández; Film Editor: Alfredo Rosas Priego; Art Dir: Alberto Ladrón de Guevara; Decor: Raúl Serrano; Camera Op: Andrés Torres; Lighting: Luis Medina; Makeup: Bertha Chiu; Sound Supv: James L. Fields; Re-rec: Galdino Samperio; Dialog Rec: José B. Carles; Union: STPC; Eastmancolor

CAST: Gaspas Henaine "Capulina" (Capulina "Mil-horas"), Enrique Rambal (Enrique), Lucy Gallardo (Lucía), Bárbara Angely (Sandra), Armando Silvestre (Mr. Goliat), Amedee Chabot (Martita), Carolina Cortázar (Mónica), Juan A. Edwards (Memín), Mario Lara (Pedrito), Carlos Nieto (campesino)

NOTES: after his breakup with Viruta, Capulina began a long-running series of comedy films with himself as the star. El mundo de los aviones is a typical late-'60s Capulina vehicle, somewhat better looking than his '70s films (when Capulina passed from Mario to Alfredo Zacarías, he lost a lot of ground), and it actually has a decent supporting cast (again, unlike his later pictures): Enrique Rambal, his real-life wife Lucy Gallardo, and Armando Silvestre, not to mention two foreign actresses who were en vogue at the moment (Angely and Chabot).

Capulina is crazy about airplanes but has a humble job as a janitor at an airport. His clumsiness earns him the criticism of his boss, head mechanic Mr. Goliat. Rich businessman Enrique takes off in his light plane to look at a prospective site for a new hotel; his passengers include his wife, daughter, and young son. The plane crashes into the ocean, and after a terrifying time in shark-infested waters, the family manages to reach shore. Meanwhile, Enrique's other daughter Sandra, disturbed by the failure of her father's plane to arrive, takes off in her plane (these people are rich, remember). However, repairs on the craft had not been completed--Capulina, trying to warn Sandra of this, instead accidentally goes along as a passenger. Sure enough, Sandra's plane has to land in a swamp; after a trek to get more gasoline, they take off once more and spot Enrique and the rest of the family on the beach. Sandra lands and picks them up, but on the way back to the airport, the plane's engine quits again! The family parachutes out, but Capulina discovers that his "parachute" is actually a knapsack full of food. He has to land the plane himself, which he finally does. As a reward for Capulina's services, Enrique agrees to pay for flying lessons for the former janitor.

Amedee Chabot's role in this movie is a brief cameo. She appears to be a stewardess in an airliner, but is actually a waitress (the "plane" is a restaurant designed like an aircraft).

This film was shot in January 1968 in Mexico City and on location in Acapulco.

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Review posted 16 April 2000 by David Wilt (dw45@umail.umd.edu). Photo added 18 April 2000.