DC Town Hall Meeting

University of Maryland, College Park

Hoff Theater

October 22, 2010

8:30 – 9:30 Overview of the Solar and Space Science Decadal Survey and panel Q & A

9:30 -- 10:30 Cross-cutting Topics

1.1 Heliophysics Data Environment, Aaron Roberts (GSFC)

1.2 Maximizing NASA’s Science Productivity, Jim Klimchuk (GSFC)

1.3 Establishing a Program for Laboratory Experiments in Heliophysics, Hantao Ji (PPPL)

1.4 A Next Generation Laboratory Reconnection Experiment Relevant to Heliophysics, Bill Daughton (LANL)

1.5 Understanding the Coronal Abundance Anomalies of the Sun, Martin Laming (NRL)

1.6 The Need for a High Performance Computational Heliophysics Program, John Dorelli (GSFC)

10:30-11:00 Discussion


11:00-11:30 Coffee Break


11:30 – 12:30 AIM, MAG

2.1 Mechanisms of Energization and Mass Ejection (MEME), Thomas E Moore (GSFC)

2.2 Ionospheric Constellation (I-CON), Rob Pfaff (GSFC)

2.3 Tropical Coupler mission, Doug Rowland (GSFC)

2.4 GEMINI, Pontus Brandt (APL)

2.5 MAGnetosphere-Ionosphere Connector (MAGIC), Shing F. Fung (GSFC)

2.6 High time resolution solar wind measurements from L1, E J Summerlin (GSFC)

12:30-1:00 Discussion


1:00-2:00 Lunch


2:00 – 3:00 Heliosphere

3.1 Interstellar Probe, Ralph McNutt (APL)

3.2 Solar Sentinels, Adam Szabo (GSFC)

3.3 Mission to the Sun-Earth L5 Lagrangian Point, A. Vourlidas (NRL)

3.4 The Earth-Affecting Solar Causes Observatory (EASCO), N. Gopalswamy (GSFC)

3.5 Telemachus Redux, Edmond Roelof (APL)

3.6 Solar Eruptive Event (SEE) 2020 Mission Concept, Albert Shih (GSFC)

3.7 Focusing Optics X-ray Solar Imager, Steven Christe (GSFC)

3:15 -- 3:45 Discussion


3:45 – 4:00 Coffee break


4:00-5:45 Solar

4.1 Solar-C, George Doschek (NRL)

4.2 RAM: The Reconnection and Microscale Mission, Leon Golub (CFA)

4.3 Fine scale Advanced Coronal and Transition Region Spectrograph (FACTS), C. Korendyke (NRL)

4.4 Understanding Magnetic Storage, Reconnection and CME Initialization , Joseph Davila (GSFC)

4.5 Coronal Imaging X-Ray Spectrometry Mission (CIXS), Jay Bookbinder (SAO)

4.6 Solar magnetism eXplorer (SolmeX), Dan Moses (NRL)

4.7 Stellar Imager (SI) and the development of a predictive model for solar and stellar dynamos, Kenneth Carpenter (GSFC)

5:45 -- 6:15 Discussion and Wrap-up

5.1 Aim Overview>