La Rochefoucauld  Maxims

We often forgive those who bore us, but we’re incapable of forgiving those whom we bore.

Few men are sufficiently discerning to appreciate all of the evil that they do.

When the vices leave us, we flatter ourselves that it is we who are leaving them.

The virtues lose themselves in self-interest as rivers lose themselves in the sea.

We make promises in proportion to our hopes; we keep them in proportion to our fears.

The love of justice is in most men no more than the fear of suffering injustice.


Goodsell The Machinery of Life

Cells can be programmed to commit suicide if a tribunal of proteins determine that this is necessary. Apoptosis is then initiated and a cascade prompts caspases to begin destroying proteins in the cell. This may produce a cure for all viruses.

Below: neurotransmitters pour into the synaptic cleft after an axon has fired.



James  The Wings of the Dove & The Golden Bowl

The deep danger, the only one that made him, as an idea, positively turn cold, would have been the possiblity of her seeking him in marriage, of her bringing between them that terrible issue. Here fortunately she was powerless, it being apparently so proveable against her that she had a husband in undiminished existence. She had him, it was true, only in America, only in Texas, in Nebraska, in Arizona or somewhere--somewhere that scarcely figured as a definite place at all; it showed somehow from afar as so lost, so indistinct and illusory, in the great alkali desert of cheap divorce.


Woolf  The Waves

Now no one sees me and I change no more. Heaven be praised for the solitude that has removed the pressure of the eye, the solicitation of the body, and all the need of lies and phrases.


Várkonyi & Domokos  Mono-monostatic Bodies



Amis  Lucky Jim (first 100 pages only)

Welch lifted his head slowly, like the muzzle of some obsolete howitzer.


Palais de Lune  Menu

325: TVP General Tso's Chicken


Camille Seaman  The Last Iceberg



Williams  Butcher's Crossing, Stoner, and Augustus

But the man of age, if he plays his assigned role properly, must see life as a comedy. For his triumphs and his failures merge, and one is no more the occasion for pride or shame than the other; and he is neither the hero who proves himself against those forces, not the protagonist who is destroyed by them. Like any poor, pitiable shell of an actor, he comes to see that he has played so many parts that there no longer is himself.


Thompson  On Growth and Form



Balzac  Lost Illusions

Rogues can make up a quarrel after blows have been given and received, but lovers will part forever because of a look or a word. The secret of many an inexplicable separation is to be found in some memory of an all but perfect understanding that once existed. We can come to terms with a certain mistrust, so long as the past presents no picture of a pure and unclouded affection; but two beings who have once known a perfect understanding can never endure a relationship in which every look and every word must be carefully watched.


Bach  Toccata in C Minor



Marie Sharp's  Habanero Pepper Sauce

Selected red habanero peppers, fresh carrots, onions, lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt.


Nabokov  Pale Fire

The heating system was a farce, depending as it did on registers in the floor wherefrom the tepid exhalations of a throbbing and groaning basement furnace were transmitted with the faintness of a moribund’s last breath. By occluding the apertures upstairs I attempted to give more energy to the register in the living room but its climate proved to be incurably vitiated by there being nothing between it and the arctic regions save a sleezy front door without a vestige of vestibule—either because the house had been built in midsummer by a naďve settler who could not imagine the kind of winter New Wye had in store for him, or because oldtime gentility required that a chance caller at the open door could satisfy himself from the threshold that nothing unseemly was going on in the parlor.


Brandt  On This Earth, A Shadow Falls



Dias  Conquest of New Spain, Thomas - Conquest, MacQuarrie - Last Days of the Incas, Las Casas - A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

A thousand men destroy empires of millions. Lawyers read formal legal documents in the middle of the jungle to bewildered natives.


Clark  A Farewell to Alms



Herodotus & Thucydides

The Greeks fight the Persians and then each other. A possession toward forever.


Von Frisch  The Dance Language and Orientation of Bees

How bees navigate at noon at the equator, and, more generally, how to discover things.


Parfit  Reasons and Persons