ENCH 468W - ENCH 648W: Transport Phenomena in Small and Biological Systems


Recommended Textbooks:
Analysis of Transport Phenomena, by William M. Deen, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition (2012).
Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems, by Truskey, Yuan and Katz, Pearson Prentice Hall (2009).
Introduction to Microfluidics, by Patrick Tabeling, Oxford University Press (2006).
On reserve in the Engineering Library.

Instead of Deen's book, senior undergraduate students may use the books from their undergraduate Transport Phenomena courses, e.g. Middleman's books.

Course Description:
Interdisciplinary course primarily for senior undergraduate and graduate students from engineering or science departments. The course's main goal is to make the students familiar with the fundamental physics and modeling of transport phenomena in small and biological systems, and their current scientific and engineering utilization in microfluidics, nanofluidics and biological systems.

Topics Covered:
Review of momentum, energy and mass transfer theory at microscopic level; transport physics at the micro- and nano-scale; hydrodynamics, diffusion, mixing and electrodynamics of small-scale systems. Physiological transport phenomena, fluid flow in circulation and tissues, mass transport in biological systems, blood flow, hemodynamics and hemopathology, cell adhesion, and transport in organs.

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Tranport Phenomena in our life:

Examples from the 2002 class

Examples from the 2003 class

Examples from the 2004 class