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Helix Simulation Images

Simulation I: 2000 helices

When an ensemble of 2000 attractive helices are simulated they soon begin to form a web of condensed quasi-crystalline formations. In their final configuration the helices are expected to organize into a liquid crystalline phase of defined spatial symmetry. However, observing the formation of such phases in simulations would require very long simulation times. The animation shows the view as the virtual camera moves through the simulation system in its intermediate, web-like configuration. (130 Mb animated gif file)

Simulation II: 2 helices

Animation of two helices which are subject to thermal fluctuations and a Lennard-Jones attraction. Dynamics of helices include impotant phenomena not captured when modeled as cylinders. These include the tendency of helices to approach each other at a non-zero twist angle, as well as rigid coupling of rotational and translational motion. (10 Mb animated gif file)