Dome Pressure Receptor Movies

Daphne Soares
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All movies were recorded in complete darkness using an infrared camera.
All animals had their ears plugged and were used to being handled.
Stimuli consisted of water droplets interspersed with food.
Funding was provided by the Grass foundation
All work was done at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Wood Hole MA.
Backgroud picture from Adam Britton

Control Responses In this short film you will see animals responding to water droplets. These were control experiments.

DPRs covered After controls were filmed, DPRs were covered with a plastic elastomer (Kwick Cast, WPI). This film shows the response of an animal while DPRs are covered

Removing Cover This movie shows the plastic elastomer being removed.

Response recovery This movie shows the immediate response after DPRs are uncovered. Note how the last animal ignores a piece of food and responds to the water droplet.