Students with visual impairments face a unique challenge when learning many mathematical concepts, such as functions, graphs, and charts, because they are largely visual in nature. Although several assistive technologies exist, these are often inaccessible due to their exorbitant prices or their complexity. We are developing an assistive device with accompanying software to help students with visual impairments learn math concepts more efficiently. Our device uses an electrostatic overlay developed by Tangible Haptics to display tactile images on a tablet screen. We will later validate this device in a full-scale learning study with students with visual impairments. We ultimately want to provide a cost-effective, portable, and multi-purpose platform with accompanying software to be used in a classroom setting.


Team Haptic is currently fundraising through University of Maryland's crowdsource-funding program, Launch UMD! See the above video for more information, and follow the link in the previous sentence to visit the site and donate. Every dollar counts and will help our project reach more children!

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