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Latest news: The Putnam Competition (see below) will be held on Saturday December 6 in Room ARM0112 (in the basement of the Reckord Armory Building) starting at 9:45am. Please arrive promptly to complete the registration materials and go over (many) contest rules and instructions.

2014 Activities

All campus undergraduate students are welcome to participate in the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest (to be held on campus Saturday October 25 from 8:45-11:30) and the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, (to be held on campus Saturday December 6 from 9:45-1:00 and 2:45-6:00). Please contact Brian Hunt at bhunt AT math.umd.edu for more information or to register for the competitions. Please register by the end of September if possible; there is no fee and no obligation if you register, but the Putnam competition requires a roster in early October. Then, check this page as the competitions approach for the campus location and other instructions.

We will have a weekly practice seminar in the fall on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00-5:30 in MTH 0102, led by Brian Hunt and Roohollah Ebrahimian. This seminar is offered as a one-credit course, MATH 299B: "Putnam Express". For more information, see the syllabus. All are welcome to participate, whether or not registered for the course.


Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest

Putnam Competition

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Kiran Kedlaya's archive of recent competitions
Dave Rusin's archive of recent competitions
Past results from MAA

Other (High School) Competitions

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Here is a list of past UMCP teams that have scored in the top 10, and students who have scored in the top 100, in the Putnam competition, gathered from the results published in the American Mathematical Monthly. Presently over 3000 students and 500 colleges from the U.S. and Canada compete each year. Individuals are recognized alphabetically in groups starting with the top 5. Please write if you notice any errors or omissions.

Top Team Results

2009    7th     (Matt McCutchen, Mitchell Katz, Henry Scher)
1981    5th     (Ravi Boppana, Andrew Gelman, Brian Hunt)
1980    3rd     (Ravi Boppana, Brian Hunt, Eric Kuritzky)
1979    9th     (Ravi Boppana, Eric Kuritzky, David Phillips)

Top Individual Results

2009	R. Matthew McCutchen	Honorable Mention (top 81)
2009	Henry B. Scher		Top 100
2008	Matthew A. Jordan	Honorable Mention (top 79)
2007	Henry B. Scher		Honorable Mention (top 74)
2002    Marshall Williams       Honorable Mention (top 66)
2001    Chad L. Groft		Honorable Mention (top 61)
2000    Chad L. Groft		Top 25
1999    Chad L. Groft		Top 100
1995    Mikhail G. Konikov      Honorable Mention (top 56)
1992    Sergey Brin             Honorable Mention (top 55)
1991    Lev Novik               Honorable Mention (top 44)
1990    Eric M. Boesch          Honorable Mention (top 47)
1990    Alex Gurevich           Honorable Mention (top 47)
1990    Lev Novik               Top 100
1989    Eric M. Boesch          Top 100
1989    Jay Chawla              Top 100
1989    Christopher J. Monsour  Honorable Mention (top 45)
1988    Christopher J. Monsour  Honorable Mention (top 48)
1982    Brian R. Hunt           Top 5
1982    Dougin A. Walker        Top 100
1981    Ravi B. Boppana         Honorable Mention (top 44)
1981    Andrew E. Gelman        Top 100
1981    Brian R. Hunt           Top 10
1980    Ravi B. Boppana         Top 100
1980    Brian R. Hunt           Honorable Mention (top 43)
1980    Eric I. Kuritzky        Top 100
1979    Eric Kuritzky           Honorable Mention (top 42)
1977    Eric Kuritzky           Top 100
1975    Robert B. Bundy         Top 100
1974    Stephen C. Spriggs      Top 100
1973    Stephen C. Spriggs      Honorable Mention (top 41)
1972    Dale Johannesen         Top 100
1971    Eric Schechter          Honorable Mention (top 42)
1970    Mark D. Meyerson        Honorable Mention (top 40)

Updated: October 2012

Please send comments and additional information to Brian Hunt at bhunt AT math.umd.edu.