Physics 601

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INSTRUCTOR:  T M. Antonsen Jr.
3339 A. V. Williams
Office hours:  Monday 1-3, or by appointment

ROOM:  PHY4220

TIME:    W 9/3,  9:00-9:50
              F  9/5,  9:00-9:50
              Thereafter: TBD

DESCRIPTION  Classical Mechanics

TEXT:   Classical Mechanics, Goldstein (Addison Wesley)
    Chapters 1-12

EXAMS:   There will be three exams: two midterms and a  final exam.

HOMEWORK:  Assignments will be handed out in lecture.
    Assignments may involve computation.

GRADING:   Your course grade will be computed on the basis of
    450 points apportioned as follows:

  Two 75-minute midterms                       200
  Final: (Thursday, Dec. 18, 8:00-10:00)    150
  Homework                                            100
  Total                                                     450

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Homework / Solutions


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