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INSTRUCTOR:  T M. Antonsen Jr.
3339 A. V. Williams
Office hours by appointment

ROOM:   PHY 3301

TIME:    TuTh  2:00 - 3:15


An introduction to the basic concepts and phenomena of plasma physics.
Topics include: Vlasov theory, plasma waves, particle orbits, plasma stability,
transport, and nonlinear wave interactions.  These topics will be discussed
as they apply to laboratory, industrial processing and space plasmas, as well
as to relativistic beams.

Arana Rai Choudhuri, The Physics of Fluids and Plasmas,
Cambridge Press 1998.
R. J. Goldston and P. H. Rutherford, Introduction to Plasma
Physics, IoP 1995.
NRL Plasma Formulary
Richard Fitzpatrick: Introduction to Plasma Physics

Homework assignments will be given periodically and collected
in class

There will be two take home exams

 Students will make a short report either on their research or on a
journal article of their choosing

 Homework:                             30%
 Report:                                   30%
 Exam 1:  (Tuesday, Oct. 19)       20%
 Exam 2:  (Thursday, Dec 9)       20%

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