ENEE381 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

  Professor Taylor's Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities
Instructor: Prof. Thomas. M. Antonsen
E-mail address: antonsen@glue.umd.edu
Phone: 405-1635
Office number: 3339 A.V. Williams
Office hours:  Tuesdays  1:30 - 3:30


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Lectures:        TuTh.   11:00am-12:15pm (EGR 1108)
Discussions:     0201    M......... 2:00pm- 2:50pm (MTH 0303)
                            0202    W......... 2:00pm- 2:50pm (MTH B0427)

Course Description

The electromagnetic spectrum. Review of Maxwell’s equations; the wave equation potentials, Poynting’s theorem,
relationship between circuit theory and fields; propagation of electromagnetic waves in homogeneous media and at
interfaces; transmission line theory, waveguides, radiation and antennas.

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